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Eco-Friendly Living with Children

by Helaine diLeone Botello 07/28/2019

A significant opportunity to instill eco-friendly living habits in your children is by teaching them proper food consumption, storage, trash, and recycle-reuse practices. By understanding how best to manage their use of food your kids will be creating invaluable habits that will not only help the family now but will help them when they're stepping out into the world as adults. From building their savings to environmentally friendly and contentious living the time you take now to work with your children will translate to positive benefits throughout their life. 

Food Consumption:

Starting with food usage demonstrate to them your routines. Teach them to not open new packages of food before the already open one is empty. Show them how to locate and understand expiration dates on food so they can help consume foods nearing their expiration date, so they don't go to waste. Leading by example create good habits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables daily, so they never go bad in the fridge and have to be thrown away. Develop their understanding of healthy nutrition habits and portioning. This helps prevent overeating, consuming too much of any one thing and will keep you from revisiting the grocery store every few days because your family is moving through the food you purchase too quickly. It doesn't hurt that it helps your own savings as well.

Food Storage:

Make sure you keep enough reusable storage containers, storage bags, green bags and chip clips in your kitchen so your children can always put food away correctly to help it keep longer. Help them develop practices of closing containers all the way, rolling cereal and chip bags down all the way before closing the box or securing with a clip. Make sure they’re closing the lid on condiments, screwing tops down all the way and tightening beverage lids as far as possible. Most importantly instill the habit of minimizing the need to open and close the fridge and freezer and teaching your kids to make sure the doors are closed and sealed to further help with energy use. 

Trash & Recycling:

When it comes to trash, you'll want to show your kids the proper way to separate trash and recycling and as they grow older begin teaching them any composting practices you use in your home. Help them understand what bottles and packages can be washed and reused instead of thrown out and have reusable water bottles and mugs at home they can use. 

Grocery Shopping:

As your children age and can take on new responsibilities you can further teach them by having them help with shopping trips. They can learn how to put together meal ideas that use overlapping ingredients to help save on initial costs and prevent waste down the line. 

There are countless opportunities to instill energy efficient living habits in your children. Start when they're young and continue developing these habits as they grow. You and your children will certainly benefit from these positive methods of living, and you'll be continuing to support your bottom line, your community, and the environment for years to come.

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